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Plagiarism is the unauthorized use and/or representation of another persons words or ideas as your own. It is not limited to the written or spoken word, as lifting others research charts, or graphs and drawings would also fall under the definition. Certain paraphrasing can also be construed as plagiarism.

With use of the internet, there is easy access to more written and spoken works than ever before. Couple that with the fact that there are just many more people now writing and publishing, which makes the potential for plagiarism increasingly higher.

Don't get caught plagiarizing

College students writing papers and essays sometimes get caught up in accusations of plagiarism. Often time they are innocent mistakes, easily corrected. Other times, however, they are purposeful. Failure to cite proper sources is one of the most common mistakes made. Students must be extra careful to ensure that they cite the sources for their work. Grammar and punctuation are also critical, whether it's an essay for college entrance, or a paper for a class.

Plagiarism is not confined to college students by any means. Some famous people over the years have been caught in plagiarisms linguistic web. Care must be taken when writing to ensure that you don't inadvertently borrow another author's words or thoughts. There are many programs available that will check your work such as Grammarly. Some will also help with grammar and punctuation.

If you're not sure, it is always wise to check your papers before submitting them, as an error, even if inadvertent can cause great harm your reputation.

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